Montessori Department

The school follows the Montessori Method of teaching at the pre-school and pre-primary stage. The tiny tots learn in an informal way with the help of specially designed apparatus under the supervision and guidance of trained and experienced teachers. Special attention is paid to facilitate the physical, mental, emotional and social growth of the child through a series of well coordinated activities.

Primary Department:

The students of the primary department are gradually exposed to formal education. Emphasis is given not only on acquisition of new knowledge but also on concept formation and application of knowledge in practical life situation. Stress is laid on "learning by doing". Children are given personal attention. They are exposed to pictorial books, audio-visual programmes which excite their interest in learning.

Students are not unduly burdened with home work and are evaluated through their day-to-day work and performance in studies and various curricular and co-curricular activities.

Middle and Secondary Department:

To sustain the interest of students in learning, latest scientific and electronic methods are practised in classroom teaching. Self-discipline of the body and mind is practised through conscious and deliberate efforts. Continuous and comprehensive system of evaluation is followed to grade the performance of pupils.