Parenting Tips

I wish to share some commandments of positive parenting with you so that we can help 'our' children blossom into well balanced individuals having sterling qualities of head and heart.
  • Teach your children to love from the heart, not just from the mind.
  • Believe in them and reach them to teach to believe in themselves.
  • Be flexible, not rigid. Set rules, but not too many.
  • Listen to your children, you will be surprised how much they can teach you.
  • Make God your partner in bringing them up ( after all, He had a role, too, in giving them to you.)
  • Teach them to be self-confident.
  • Teach them to have the courage to follow their dreams.
  • Allow them to grow and become what they are meant to be, not what you picture them to be.
  • To bring them up right, spend more time and less money on them.
  • Teach values such as honesty, integrity, patience, and self- control gradually and steadily, that too, by your own example.
  • Praise them openly and often, reprove secretly and seldom; reprimand the bad behaviour of your children.
  • Teach them self-esteem and self- confidence ( something they will carry for the rest of their lives).
  • Restrict television watching and recreation time. Keep a watch on your children's company.
  • Maintain a happy and loving home environment.
  • Give a lot of your time to your children, both quality and quantity.
  • Make humour and laughter a part of your relationship with children.
  • Allow the children to grow and learn through the mistakes they make.
  • Hug and show feelings of love whenever possible.
  • Communicate gently but clearly and firmly to get your point across.
I bank on your co-operation to make learning an enjoyable experience for 'our' children at Bal Bharati Public School, Dwarka.


" Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of life longing for itself. They come through you but not from you." Hence remember however eager or ambitious you are in shaping your children's lives, there is a limit to what you can accomplish.
Suruchi Gandhi (Principal)